On Sunday July 9th, the FAETHON Olympus Marathon will take place. A 43.8 kilometer race, that’s taking place on the west side of Olympus.
ROUTE maps created the race’s map, on a 1:20.000 scale, with internal 20-meter contour lines, where you can see the support stations, the kilometer distances and the route’s profile.

The digital map is available for free on mobile phones and tablets. It works offline and by activating your GPS you can see your location on the map.
To get the digital map follow the instructions below.


If you wish to purchase the full edition of the digital map of Mt. Olympus, which has all of the paths and every detail you’ll need, you can buy it for 10€ through the Avenza Maps app. Instructions on how to get the full edition are in this link.

For the printed, waterproof and tear-resistant version of the map, fill out the form in this link.