Χάρτης - Οι άθλοι του Ηρακλή

Municipality of Avdera – Study of the cultural route “Labours of Hercules” – 2017

For the purposes of the cultural route “Labours of Hercules”, a mapping of the Municipality of Avdera was carried out with on-site research and a map in 1:50.000 scale was created  upon which the recommended tour routes, the road network and various points of interest of the areal are displayed.

Δήμος Αβδήρων    Εμπορικό επιμελητήριο Ξάνθης

UNESCO – Nestos river basin map – 2017

For the purposes of including the Nestos river region in the UNESCO Man & Biosphere programme (MAB), we have created a map which marks existing protection zones, the hydrographic network, the road network, the residential areas and the main points of interest of the area.


web map

ΤΟΒΕΑ – Accessibility map for Disabled People – 2017

ROUTE maps created an accessibility interactive map of Ierapetra for people with movement disabilities. On the map, the routes that someone with a wheelchair can take and also buildings in which they may enter are displayed.


FAETHON – FAETHON Olympus Marathon printed and digital map – 2017

ROUTE maps created the map for the Olympus Marathon in a 1:20.000 scale. ROUTE maps also made the digital map for the race available to every contestant for free.


Publication – Digital map of Olympus, ROUTE maps – 2017

By installing the map on a mobile device, the user can do the following:

  • Locate your position
  • Search for points
  • Record routes and points
  • Save data

Olympus Marathon – Olympus Marathon map – 2017

ROUTE maps created the map for the Olympus Marathon in a 1:20.000 scale. The map includes the support stations, kilometer distances and the route’s profile.

Olympus Marathon

North Olympus Trail Vrontou Map – 2017

ROUTE maps supports EOS Vrontous’ mountain race, “North Olympus Trail Vrontou” by providing the cartographic background and by designing special bandanas for the runners, on which the map of the area and the route of the race are printed on

Publication – Map of Mt. Olympus 2016

After extensive mapping, contacts with people who know the mountain well and many hours of work at the office, we have created the first ROUTE trekking map!
It incorporates several innovative, user-friendly features.

For further information please visit our e-shop.


ELLET – Paths of Culture 2016

ROUTE collaborates with the Society for the Environment and Cultural
Heritage (ELLET) for the implementation and co-ordination of the
“Paths of Culture” project in the Municipality of Xanthi. The project is
financed by the Stavros Niarhos Foundation. It includes the restoration
of a network of paths (total length 140 km.) and the creation of a map
of the routes.


Environmental Education Map – Children’s Map 2016

A map specially designed for children aged 8-14. The Vistonis Regional
Development Centre implements programs teaching orientation by compass and map. We have created a map with appropriate colours, scale and symbols to meet these specific requirements.