Η ROUTE is a new cartography company engaged
in the creation and production of printed and electronic

The company was founded due to our passion for
nature and our keenness to map it!On-site research,
precision, comprehensive data and user-friendly
internet applications are its distinguishing features.

The process of creating ROUTE maps is a very interesting
challenge indeed!

We define the study area, prepare the equipment required,
and embark on exploration. The on-site research team
begins walking and driving as of day one, and aims at
covering the area’s entiretrekking and driving network.
Using high-precision GPS, we record every bit of information
that might beuseful to a visitor. The data is processed using
the GIS (Geographic Information System) open-source software
in accordance with a specific methodology, to create a maximum-
accuracy and aesthetically pleasing map.

ROUTE maps deploys specialist professionals, who set high targets
and seek the best possible result.

With a wealth of new ideas, know-how and much
creative energy,we are ready to produce maps for even
the most demanding travellers – those whose destination
is the unexplored!

Please contact us for any proposal for collaboration.