Terms and Conditions of Use

The map includes intentional errors, which do not affect the trekker’s safety. Copying, reproducing, republication and reprinting in any manner of all or part of the information contained in the present maps is expressly prohibited and is liable to criminal prosecution under legislation on Intellectual Property Rights and Unfair Competition.

We have made every effort to ensure that the content and information appearing in our maps is lucid, precise and comprehensive. However, weather or natural phenomena and human interventions may cause changes to the morphology of the ground. Therefore, under no circumstances do we guarantee, and thus are not responsible (not even due to negligence) for any damages that may be caused by the use of our maps. No part of the content of our maps constitutes, and may not under any circumstances be considered, directly or indirectly, as an incitement, instruction, advice or instigation for any action or omission. On the contrary, it is at the discretion of the user, following a personal assessment, to act based on his/her own volition, any liability on the part of ROUTE maps being excluded.