ROUTE maps produces printed and digital maps of all types!


Our printed maps incorporate several innovative features:
– 3D depiction, as shown in the image to the right
– route profile diagrams
– descriptions and photographs of the broader area
– specialised map symbology
The maps are of high aesthetic level and indicate all places of interest, trekking routes and the road network. Paths and roads are shown in a manner that indicates their practicability and type. The information is collected by on-site research and use of advanced, high-precision GPS.

Έντυποι & ψηφιακοί χάρτες


All the information on a printed map can be rendered in digital form for mobile device applications, GPS and use on the internet.



The web map is hosted at a website and functions online. You must be connected to the internet, but there is no software to install on your PC or mobile device.

Use of the map is free of charge and users are offered the following capabilities:
– Activation or de-activation of information layers
– Access to text, photographs and videos, by clicking on active icons.
– View Legend

The main advantages of the web map is the capability to manage large volumes of information and to update promptly and on an on-going basis all data. The information is connected to a database, so that the map is always up to date. Modifications or additions are easy to effect.

The web map is a convenient solution in many cases, since it is easy to use and features multimedia applications.


You can install the map on your mobile device or GPS in digital form,
edit the information or enter your route.


Trek comfortably and safely without being connected to the internet!

Διαδικτυακοί χάρτες

Public Sector Projects

ROUTE undertakes public sector projects for the production of cartographic applications or thematic maps. These may be tourist, educational, environmental, statistical, fire-protection or other maps. If you are a public entity and wish to upgrade your cartographical data, please contact us.

Sports Events

If you are organising in your area a running event, mountain bike race, downhill ski – snowboard race, or a canyoning, climbing, kayak-rafting, enduro or other event, we can produce a map showing all help stations, the route profile, special routes, viewing spots and hotel facilities in the broader area.

Personalised Maps

We can produce a printed, digital or web map to meet the needs of any business or event organiser, showing all the information you require. You can post the map at any website or on social media, so that your visitors can locate you easier.

A printed or digital map, custom-made to meet your requirements!


Modern tourism development models focus on showcasing the cultural and natural wealth of each area.

The creation of a path network can serve that need, aiming at sustainable development and quality tourism.

We undertake the researching, cleaning and placing of signs, signposts and information panels. These tasks are realised based on European specifications, since our team is certified by the European Ramblers Association.

Αποκατάσταση & σηματοδότηση περιηγητικών διαδρομών