Map of Petrostrouga Winter Route – Muses Plateau (Mt. Olympus)


Last year, Michalis Styllas wrote an article for those interested in climbing the snowy landscape of the Muses and detailed the coordinates of the metal pins that have been placed throughout the Petrostrouga-Dereki-Skourta-Laimos-Yosos Path route. He sent us the points and we created the map that followed the text. Article: “The road to through pins and frames” This year we go one step further, wanting to participate even more on the security of the climbers.



In cooperation with Michalis Styllas and with the support of Hellenic Rescue Team and outdoor products manufacturers we made the winter trail “Petrostrouga-Mouses Plateau” digital map and are offering it for free for mobile phones and tablets!

Dereki map

The route begins from the Petrostrouga Refuge (40 ° 06’34,39 “, 22 ° 24 ‘, 47,71” 1946m) and ascends to Dereki. It does not follow the path that is used during the summer period, which has been removed from the map. It reaches the summit of Skourta m. and then goes through the Neck to the wire rope at Yiousos Pass. From this point, 43 metal piles that are pointed out on the map, lead to the Christos Kakalos Refuge (40 ° 05’34.60 “, 22 °, 21’59.72”).

A few other piles in the northwest direction, that are not yet listed, lead to the Yiosos Apostolidis Refuge (40°05’42,03”, 22°21’41,18”). This route is visible on the map with a black line. From the Christos Kakalos Refuge, you will find metal piles that lead to Apostolidis Refuge.

gavos                    photo by Mike Styllas

From the 13th pile, located at 40 ° 05 ‘45.9 “, 22 ° 22’ 21.5”, the downhill free ski begins, towards the Gavou river, with a total length of 3.2 km.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                          photo by Mike Styllas

Download instructions:

  1. Download the Avenza Maps app , which is free on:
    Play Store
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    Windows Phone Store       (ignore this step if you already have the app).
  2. Open the app and choose the shopping cart icon. .
  3. On the search bar type “ROUTEmaps  Winter Trail Petrostrouga – Muses Plateau (Mt. Olympus)” and on the world map you will see our map over the area of Olympus. Tap on the pin and buy it.
  4. Activate your GPS and see your location appear on the map with a blue dot.

You can order the full version of the Olympus map (made with waterproof material) here and you can order the full version of the Olympus Digital map for smartphones and tablets here .